During their stay, guests will be taken on a journey of education when it comes to the island’s neighbouring reef ecosystems and protecting Hayman Island's natural beauty.

Since we opened in July 2019, we have implemented many initiatives that support our passion for sustainability and serve to protect our destination, seeing guests enjoy Hayman Island for years to come. Initiatives include:


  • Guests will be exclusively supplied with reef-safe sunscreen (available at the poolside venues). The activation of this initiative is an effort negate the wider effects of toxic sunscreen on the world’s oceans and a result of a myriad of international scientific research projects that detail the long-lasting effects of sunscreen ingredients on the world’s reef ecosystems.
  • Guests will receive a complimentary, reusable water bottle upon check-in reinforcing the ban on single-use plastics and will be encouraged to refill this during their stay from the multiple filtered water stations placed conveniently across the resort.
  • An on-island unique glass-to-sand crusher will recycle glass bottles for use in maintaining the resort’s pathways
  • Two organic composters convert all organic waste into a liquid state removing all negative bacteria and using the end product to irrigate all plants and lawns throughout the island
  • We are committed to heavily reducing paper usage with the introduction of in-room iPads in lieu of large printed compendiums and in-room dining menus.
  • Our engineering team have installed state-of-the-art in-room technology which will conserve and maximise energy, keeping rooms cool once guests leave for the day by activating automated blind systems and censoring lights accordingly.
  • Our Planet Trekkers Kids Club educates our little travellers on local marine life, conservation and how they can help protect the Great Barrier Reef’s future.