Insider Location

Nestled at the northernmost point of Australia’s Whitsunday archipelago, our events team connect you with the heart of the Great Barrier Reef by placing you moments away from Langford Island, Bali Hai, Blue Pearl Bay and Hook Island, while gifting direct access to the region’s icons – including Heart Reef and Whitehaven Beach – through exclusive partnerships with Ocean Dynamics and Helireef.

Insider Speakers

Our connections to the region’s top marine biologists are set to transform your event and inspire learning within your delegate groups. Locally connected and passionate about the environment, our Insider Speakers connect your guests with their location by through talks on the Great Barrier Reef’s coral systems, native reef life and more.

Insider Community

Sustainability is at the heart of Hayman Island’s rejuvenation story post Cyclone Debbie. We invite you to help the local environment by using the refillable water bottles we gift and using the reef-safe sunscreen we exclusively provide. Take your learning further with a coral rejuvenation class on Blue Pearl Bay.

Insider Interactions

Engage in incredible teambuilding interactions inspired by your remote island surrounds. From helicopter tours above the world-famous Heart Reef to private daytrips to Whitehaven Beach, tailored snorkel and dive excursions in the region’s most coveted reef locations and kayak tours around Hayman Island’s bays; we invite your delegates to discover one of the seven wonders of the world through one-of-a-kind interactions.

Insider Breaks

Add local flavour to your culinary moments with our talented chef’s Insider Break collection. Explore five all-new restaurants and bars, a stunning collection of banquet menus and bespoke dining experiences under the stars; all of which are infused with Queensland-sourced ingredients.