Serve your way to a healthy lifestyle with Luxury Tennis Camps


December 12, 2019

At InterContinental Hayman Island Resort, we’re passionate about encouraging our guests to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle while immersing them in iconic private island experiences. That’s why we have enlisted the services of Luxury Tennis Camps, who will lead a diverse range of luxury camps and programs on Hayman’s Recreational Centre’s courts throughout the year.

These programs cater to all levels and ages with scheduled classes and private lessons available upon request. We wanted to share the core health benefits of tennis, and why you should play your hand on Hayman Island.
  1. It’s a full body workout

Tennis is an incredible workout for your entire body. Your lower body is subjected to an intense cardiovascular routine with small sprints, crouches and jumps, while your upper body is strengthened through serves and back-hands.

  1. Promotes a healthy heart and higher energy levels

The sport requires swift anaerobic movements which in turn burn fat, increase your heart rate and ensure higher energy levels throughout the day. In other words, you can indulge in Amici Trattoria’s wood-fire pizzas guilt-free post tennis lesson.

  1. Tennis welcomes all ages

Tennis is a game that can be enjoyed by all ages. We run sessions for our little InterContinental travellers during Planet Trekkers Kids Club hours, as well as programs for older, able guests. It’s the perfect sport for multi-generational families travelling together and looking for an activity they can bond over.

4.  Boosts fitness levels

The short sprints involved in running to hit your opponent’s ball increases overall fitness. Endurance is also advanced as you cover plenty of ground during a game

5.  Improves hand-eye coordination and balance

Hand-eye coordination refers to a body’s visual system being able to properly process information received through the eyes and use it to direct the hand movements – a vital skill when it comes to tennis and daily life. With enhanced reaction times comes better agility, improved typing skills and motor coordination. A skillset you can take off Hayman Island

6.  Sacred social time for guests

Meet other guests and create sacred bonds for life as a result of our luxury tennis camps. Play doubles with fellow honeymooners, tournaments within larger families and more. It’s a great, healthy way to bond with others in a balmy outdoor environment.

Enquire with our activities time on how to book your luxury tennis camp, private lesson or to simply sign up for our scheduled classes prior to your stay here

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